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Centre Grey Health Services Foundation Office
Centre Grey Health Services Foundation Office

Current / Priority Needs for the New Centre Grey Hospital

A $12 million public campaign designed to raise pledge donations from corporations, individuals, local businesses, service clubs and foundations. The campaign is a challenging and extraordinary event in the life of our area!

Construction Of A New Hospital

Plans are now in place to build a new 54,000-square-foot Centre Grey Hospital. The village of Markdale will continue to be the location of the hospital, although the current site will not be maintained. The new hospital will include:

  • Construction of a new 54,000 square foot hospital
  • Expanded emergency department
  • Improved ambulatory care department
  • Larger patient rooms
  • Fully handicapped accessibility
  • Energy efficient heating and electrical systems
  • Proper layout of medical departments
  • Modern design
  • New technology and equipment including PACS

In making the decision to amalgamate, the Ministry of Health recognized that major reinvestment was needed in healthcare in Grey and Bruce Counties, and that the Markdale site in particular required extensive capital redevelopment. Reinvestment in the Centre Grey Hospital had been called for in four previous accreditation surveys dating back to 1992. The Ministry agreed that without significant action, the increasing obsolete nature of the Hospital building would jeopardize the quality of care delivered at the local level. The specific problems faced by Markdale include the following:

General redevelopment of the physical plant is required

Much of the physical plant at the Centre Grey Hospital is outdated and below current hospital codes. This is the result of age – most of the hospital was constructed 42 years ago – and heavy use. Also, the design of the hospital is based on an acute care model of health delivery whereby patients stayed in-house for long periods of time. Today, ambulatory care is the predominant department area of service. Simply put, the layout of the hospital is now increasingly at odds with the style of medicine being implemented by health professionals. More space and proper design are needed in order to accommodate expanded diagnostic imaging, specialty care services, and the ongoing operation of the Hospital.

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The Emergency Department is outdated

The emergency department at the Hospital has not been updated in over 30 years and now requires rebuilding. Since the hospital’s emergency unit was first constructed in 1960, annual visits have steadily increased over time and in 2001/2002 there was over 16,500 visits to the department. After more than 30 years without renovation, It is undersized based on the number of visits taking place on an annual basis and it is poorly laid out in terms of waiting rooms, triage, and access to the nursing station. The physical appearance of the emergency department is also in need of improvement and security features must be added in order to provide better safety for patients and night staff. While current 24-hour emergency service remains at acceptable levels (with a physician on-call at all times), physical-plant needs are so extensive that rebuilding, rather than renovation, is the best option. Effecting change today is necessary so that the Hospital can continue to provide quality service and so that care can be effectively provided even in the most serious of emergencies.

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Building and safety systems must be redone

Over the past 8 years the Hospital has completed recommended upgrades to the physical plant; ongoing and preventive maintenance programs (i.e. plumbing, windows, boilers, air conditioning, etc.) have also been implemented. However, in 1999, a mechanical and electrical survey commissioned by the Hospital determined that in spite of diligent maintenance, all mechanical systems were considered “aged and failing”. Major work must, therefore, be done including renovations, system upgrades, and in some cases, full system replacement.

A new ambulatory care unit is required

The provision of ambulatory care – defined as any medical service where the patient walks into and out of the Hospital on the same day (and does not require an overnight stay) – needs to be consolidated into one area of the Hospital. This will enable the medical staff to more adequately handle this area of patient care, which now accounts for 69% of Hospital visits. The current space allocation for outpatient services, spread throughout the first floor (and including the emergency unit) is now simply too small, dislocated, and inefficient. Issues of privacy, dignified treatment, and a positive environment for patients are also becoming challenging.

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Day surgery facilities must be improved

The surgical program at the Hospital is a major component of the overall package of healthcare services offered to the catchment area. Eighty-six percent of surgery performed at the Hospital is done on an outpatient basis and more than 1,800 patients used the surgical day care area in 2001/2002. Unfortunately, the current location of the surgery suites no longer provides for efficiency considering surgery’s reliance on other departments, technology, and programs. Specifically, the surgical area needs to be redesigned and upgraded in order to achieve the following:

  • Better reception and preparations areas (including registration, changing, treatment, and waiting)
  • More efficient patient recovery area and support area
  • Accessibility for family and care givers who accompany patients
  • Improvements for pre-admission anesthesia clinic patients

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Bed allocation needs to be adjusted

Accommodation of acute and continuing complex care patients remains a priority at the Hospital. This means that, given the changing nature of patient care, three crucial bed-space improvements must be made at the Hospital:

  • Allocation of bed space must be changed to meet current and anticipated demand. This means moving from a current 21 bed to a possible 24 acute care bed facility.
  • All patient rooms must be brought up to 2002 standards as regulated by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care.
  • The positioning of patient rooms must be strategically located in relation to nursing stations, support services, and complementing medical departments. This means major changes to the current Hospital layout.

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New technology and medical equipment are needed

As part of rebuilding the Centre Grey Hospital, new medical equipment must also be obtained. This is the case because, while modern facilities mean better care, hospitals today are also defined by the quality of their medical technology. Establishing a hospital equipment fund is the best long-term approach to this issue, since it would allow for timely, strategic, and well-planned purchases that fit within the service needs and operations of the hospital. Such a fund would provide stability and security for the community and would place the hospital in a position of strength.

The first purchases to be made through the equipment fund would be an MRI machine and PACS, bought in partnership with the other hospitals within the Grey Bruce Health Services, for which the Hospital has already received Ministry approval subject to community funding and construction. Located in Owen Sound, the MRI will be the only one of its kind within an approximate 50 kilometre radius. The new MRI machine will have dramatic effect saving lives and will enable the medical staff to diagnose and treat illness quickly and with minimum duress. Head injuries, surgical planning, cancer identification, and brain abnormalities are easier to spot with an MRI. Not achieving an MRI would put the area behind other parts of the province in terms of its diagnostic abilities. The PACS would be on site in Markdale and would significantly enhance local diagnostic abilities.

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The Challenge

The challenge facing the Hospital and the entire surrounding community is that the needs outlined in this document must be addressed if access to quality care is to be preserved. After forty-two years of service the Hospital can no longer provide a proper environment for healthcare delivery. If radical changes are not made, medical services will have to start being withdrawn from Markdale, physician recruitment will become even more difficult, and the Hospital’s standing as a leading local institution will be threatened. This is a serious and urgent situation with far reaching consequences should the challenge not be met.

The Plan

The Board of Directors of Grey Bruce Health Services in consultation with the Centre Grey Health Services Foundation, the Grey Bruce Health Network, Grey Bruce Huron Perth District Health Council, the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, and engineering and construction experts examined three possible options for resolving Hospital needs: renovate of the current facility, demolish the old Hospital and build an new one on the same site, and build a new Hospital at a new site (in Markdale)

After careful consideration, it was determined that building a new hospital at a new location was the best solution. This plan was selected for four reasons:

  • New site construction is the least expensive option yet provides the highest value.
  • A new hospital allows for expansion of medical services while also providing for the opportunity of future growth.
  • Five acres of land has been made available by Grey County at the Grey Gables long-term care facility for potential hospital development.
  • Demolition issues could be avoided and the current property might be sold as a means of generating capital funds.

Plans have, therefore, been formalized and steps are now being taken to build a new Centre Grey Hospital in Markdale.

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Redevelopment Option Cost Comparisons

Improvement Options Estimated Approximate Costs

New hospital, new site


Renovate hospital


New hospital, old site


The Future: What the New Hospital Will Look Like

The new Centre Grey Hospital will be a 54,000 square foot, twenty-five-bed hospital that includes twenty-four acute beds and one obstetric bed. Every department will be new and built to the latest health and safety codes as outlined by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care. Highlights of the new building will include:

  • New clinic space, patient areas, and waiting rooms
  • Streamlined admission, pre-op, and post-op treatment areas for day surgery
  • Improved patient privacy and healthier environment for staff and patients
  • Wheelchair accessible washrooms
  • Space for families and patients to visit
  • New diagnostic tools including a digital PACS system
  • A new ambulatory care unit
  • Modern patient rooms
  • A new and accessible emergency unit located near the ambulance entrance, laboratory, and radiology departments that provides for fast entry, immediate treatment, and patient privacy.

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Benefits of the New Hospital

  • Better Care – Improved and efficient work and healing environment conducive to rapid service, new technology, and quality care.
  • Proper Design -– A hospital designed to meet the needs of the community in keeping with the health care delivery system of the day.
  • Adequate Space – Room for patients and families to be treated; ample waiting and lobby space.
  • Attractive Environment – A new and modern facility that is attractive, calming, and patient-friendly.
  • Enhanced Physician Recruitment - A physician friendly facility that will assist in the recruitment and retention of physicians, healthcare practitioners, and visiting specialists.